Bitcoin Rate Approaches A-Year-To-Trade Minimum

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Bitcoin rate dropped to $3405, it will probably keep dropping in the near future.
On Wednesday, February, 6th, average Bitcoin rate decreased to $3405, it approached the minimum of 2019 – $3400, registered on January, 29th. According to NewsBTC analyst, the crypto currency cost will probably drop to $3350 and $3320 in the near future.
It will happen if the asset’s price does not maintain above $3375 support level. The specialist adds that the coin rate may decrease to $3200 in the future.
Earlier, Finder company sampled financial analysts. Most of them are sure that Bitcoin will reach $7000 by the end of 2019 and the head of Digital Capital Ben Ritchie claims that the first crypto currency rate will exceed $9500 by December.


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