Cardano blockchain platform will solve agricultural problems in Africa and Asia

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The developers will offer developing countries to use blockchain technology.

The introduction of blockchain allows to solve problems typical for many industries: the world’s largest corporations have already adopted the technology. Official authorities have also started to study the prospects of blockchain, hoping that the governance system could benefit.

Blockchain will also be useful for the agricultural sector. As it became known, the creators of the Cardano platform intend to offer its benefits to clients from Asia and Africa. In Ethiopia, for example, the technology will be useful for organizing the coffee supply chain. The Input Output HK startup plans to assist the authorities of this state in training young developers. It is assumed that these specialists will be able to produce blockchain solutions on Cardano’s basis independently.

In addition, the platform can help Rwandan people with land registration. There are applications from representatives of the RSA and Kenya that would also like to use Cardano in the agriculture. What’s more, the blockchain platform is also of interest to countries that are active in preserving wildlife diversity.


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