The Media: Tether’s Bank is About to Shut Down

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A Puerto Rico-based bank Noble Bank which allegedly maintains accounts of Tether Ltd and Bitfinex has faced lack of financing because of stagnation in the cryptocurrency market, reports Modern Consensus referring to its own sources.

Noble Bank representatives contacted a big Tether holder hoping to calm the situation and get financial support, however, there was no response.

According to Modern Consensus, if the bank leaders do not find a way to solve the problem in several days, Noble Bank will be at risk of closure.

Tether Ltd itself might face the problems, too. It is reported that the USDT stablecoins’ owner did not manage to find a buyer for “tens of millions of tokens” recently.

Additionally, an American bank Wells Fargo cut off banking from Tether without giving any reason.

To recap, a famous trader and analyst Tone Vays predicated that Tether UDS would cease to exist.


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